Bordeaux Demystified

Ahh Bordeaux!  In Australia it is clearly the lesser understood, not so sexy equivalent to Burgundy.  Once we understand that there are no grapes listed on the front of wine bottles, we can quickly grasp that Burgundy is going to be made from either pinot noir or chardonnay. And beyond that there are some simple rules and classifications, wines will be named; village, pemier cru or grand cru.  The other tricky area is understanding that in many situations grapes are bought rather than owned by the winemaker.  And many of the vineyards are shared, hence helping to explain why the name of the same Premier Cru site or Clos site (Clos refers to a walled vineyard) is common to a number of winemakers.  In Burgundy it is all about the winemaker or producer. And of course the vintage.  Agreed, suddenly it gets a little more complicated…but not nearly as much as Bordeaux.

After a jam-packed whistle stop visit of 3 days to get a clearer understanding of left and right bank, 1st and 4th growths, cru bourgeois, and who does what, I can now say I have a much better understanding and I hope I can impart some of that here!