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Why El Puerto de Santa Maria Fino is better than Sanlucar’s Manzanillas…

Fino and manzanilla are both made from the Palomino grape, the only difference is that manzanilla is aged in the coastal region of Sanlucaar. And that difference is significant as the salt and humidty from the Atlantic permeates through the barrels to impart a distinct salty flavour that is absent in sherries aged in Jerez. And what is more these sherries near the coast have

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Bordeaux Demystified

Ahh Bordeaux!  In Australia it is clearly the lesser understood, not so sexy equivalent to Burgundy.  Once we understand that there are no grapes listed on the front of wine bottles, we can quickly grasp that Burgundy is going to be made from either pinot noir or chardonnay. And beyond that there are some simple rules and classifications, wines will be named; village, pemier cru

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Jerez – Xeres – Sherry – Bringing Sexy back. part 1

To many of us sherry conjures up memories of an aunt or grandma having a glass of sherry, probably cream sherry…and did you pause to notice that cream sherry is not creamy. Just what is cream sherry? And how many types of sherry are there?  I am sure some would ask, ‘what is the point of sherry – no one every drinks it’.
After an

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Bordeaux harvesting 2 weeks early

Bordeaux is already harvesting their grapes, at least two week earlier than most years. Victoria spent several days visiting chateaux throughout the Right and Left bank as well as touring Sauternes & Barsac including a visit to Chateau d’Yquem, Chateau Margaux, sneaking a few grapes from Chateau Petrus. Other highlights were visiting the two newest wineries in our portfolio – staying at Chateau de la

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