Format for the Tastings

Tastings can be arranged for home, office or boardroom, however adequate notice would be appreciated, usually a month, so that if required we can locate and organise delivery of any specialties which might be requested.  Tastings usually extend over 2 to 3 hours depending on the wines selected and number attending, our quotations for tastings include the provision of Schott Zweisel glassware, spittoons and tasting notes.

Recent tastings have ranged in numbers from a personally tutored around the table session of 6 to 12 enthusiasts to social and trade events which have extended over 100 participants.

There are three important aspects that one must consider when planning a tasting:

  • Number attending:  minimum of 6 attendees.
  • Tastings can be great opportunities for  corporate and networking events.  Please consider venue space to allow both seating, standing and interaction with attendees.
  • Theme: tastings can be tailored  to country,  region or variety or to your future travel plans.