Alemany i Corrió , Penedès, Spain

Laurent & Irene from Alemany i Corrio

Name: Alemany i Corrió
Location: Penedès, Spain

Best known for: cult wines made biodynamically at high altitude, especially the Sot Lefriec
Available from The Wine Station: Principia Mathematica 2012Pas Curtei 2011, Sot Lefriec 2006

It was fate! Everything was aligned when we met Irené Alemany & Laurent Corrió – having been a fan of Pas Curtei in the UK we were delighted to meet them over dinner in Barcelona and discover that they were the makers; they were equally surprised that we knew the wine given they produce such small quantities!

Passionate and incredibly modest Irene Alemany & Laurent Corrió possibly produces some of the most exciting wine coming out of Spain. They are true garagistes, with a heavy focus on a light approach to the land using biodynamic techniques, wild yeast, no fining and no filtering. There are three wines in their stable – a white made from Xiarello and two beautiful reds – the Pas Curtei – a blend of merlot, cabernet sauvignon & carignan and the small batch, powerful and seamless Sot Lefriec made from 60-70 year old carignan. This is what winemaking is all about!