El Perro Verde, Rueda, Spain

Name: El Perro Verde
Location: Rueda, Spain

Best known for: organic, minerally expressive verdejo
Available from The Wine Station: Verdejo 2010

A project between Quim Vila & Angel Lorenzo Cachazo in Rueda, this wine is made from vines planted 800m above sea level and is farmed organically.  The site is a difficult one; with unfertile soils, cold & dry winters, and very low yields.   The resulting wine is complex, vibrant and concentrated with a distinct pebbly note from the gravelly soils.  Quim Vila has a wonderful knack of developing wines of true expression of their site and delightfully packaged…look out for the green dog on the label…in series they look very eye-catching and guaranteed to start a conversation likely to lead to a bottle being purchased.