Gutierrez Colosia, El Puerto de Santa Maria, Jerez, Spain

Name: Gutierrez Colosia
Location: El Puerto de Santa Maria, Jerez, Spain

Best known for: unique microclimate being closest to the ocean
Available from The Wine Station: Fino, Oloroso, Moscatel Soleado, Pedro Ximenez

The history of sherry production is long; the first vines planted in the Jerez region date back to 1100BC by the Phoenicians (who founded the town of Xera). When the Arabs settled in 711 through to 1264 they renamed the town Sherish – hence the anglicised name Sherry. The DO Jerez-Xerez-Sherry is divided into three villages: El Puerto de Santa Maria, Jerez de la Frontera & Sanlucar de Barrameda. Each of these villages offer distinct microclimates that affect the wines.

We have been scouring Spain to find a small, exciting, quality sherry producer and were delighted to meet Carmen & Juan Carlos. They are the fourth generation & guardians of a unique sherry house Gutierrez Colosia. Built in 1838 & the only sherry house to be located beside the rivers edge at the mouth of the Guadalete besides the Atlantic Ocean, it produces distinctive, elegant refined sherries. Formerly, Gutierrez Colosia were Almacenistas (small bodegas that would sell their sherry to larger shippers, usually for blending), but now bottle their own wines under their own label. The results are outstanding with consistently high quality, focussed, expressive sherries. The influence of both the drying & humid winds and the influence of the sea impart unique, salty, intense flavours to all of their sherries from the Fino through to their PX.