Victoria's Selection

Not so much about the winery but wines…can’t decide? Let us put together a case for you – simply tell us the kind of wine you usually like (eg big shiraz, light whites, anything as
long as it smooth etc) & Victoria will make a selection specifically for you.

Alternatively subscribe to our tailored, hand-selected mixed cases available monthly & bi-monthly.

Monthly – quaffing cases $275

If you are keen to top up your wine rack for evening drinking with dinner, at the end to a long day or just to enjoy while you watch the telly subscribe to Victoria’s Selection Monthly Mix Quaffing Case – 12 wines for $275. Guaranteed to be easy drinking – more reds in winter and more whites in summer. Complete with notes and food suggestions.

Every 2 months– contemplative cases $450

If you are looking to broaden your wine knowledge, challenge your palate, & have a few wines to wow & stump those wine geek friends then this is case for you! Victoria’s Selection ‘72’ (that’s 72 bottles in a year) – Victoria will put together a mixed case of wines that are ready to enjoy now, wines that she has found on her travels and sometimes a small parcel that is available exclusively to Wine Stationistas (you!).

Cases will be tailored to your tastes. These bi-monthly cases will include 3-4 special occasion wines that could be celllared, 3-4 every day drinkers and 3-4 wines to enjoy with a little more contemplation. Each case is set at a fixed price of $450.